Escape Outdoor

Escape Outdoor

The 1st Escape Game in augmented reality:

Do you believe in sprites, gnomes or other parallel worlds? We use augmented reality on a digital tablet coupled with a classic Escape-Game adventure to make the magic happen. You then navigate between 2 worlds, yours and the one imagined by our teams.

Thanks to the Outdoor Escape, discover what you cannot see with your eyes!

2 adventures – 4 stations, a first in station!

This Escape Game in augmented reality is available at:

  • Val Cenis
  • La Plagne
  • Alpe d’Huez
  • Bessans

Since December 2019, you can play 2 different games: “The Magic Portal” and “Operation Mindfall“.

How much does a part of Outdoor cost?

80€ (eighty euros) the rental of the kit

Recommended between 2 and 6 players for a period of 2 hours

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