Frequently asked questions

Have you thought about consulting this page before contacting us? We certainly already have the answers to the questions that come to your mind!

How can I play?
Ready to take on the adventure? Choose your station, your adventure, the number of people, and finally the day and the time slot! A deposit of € 25 for the Rooms and the full amount of € 80 for the Outdoor will be requested by secure electronic transaction. Come as you are, full of energy and ready to fight...
What happens if I don't go out on time?
If unfortunately you can't solve the puzzles and get out after an hour… too bad, you're going to have to spend the rest of your life with us : -)
MNo, don't worry, for security reasons, each of our rooms is equipped with cameras that keep a watchful eye on you (without registering). The game master (called "Game Master") will then tell you what to do. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can always turn back to find your freedom. You will enter the rooms with a master key to be used only as a last resort and a person from our team will receive you...
Can I request assistance if I am at an impasse?
Indeed, even if it is established a level of difficulty for each of our puzzles, the context can be disturbing and we can then show indulgence through appropriate clues... These can be given to anyone at anytime of the game! So be perceptive! On the other hand, only a team that has not benefited from clues can claim the best time achieved. In the case of a new attempt, only the first time will be retained (that of the first attempt).
What if the game turns out to be too simple for me?
Muhahahahahaha, very funny. Honestly, we will bow to your intellectual supremacy and communicate on your excellence via social networks.
At what age can I participate in an Escape Game?

Who can play an Escape Game?
Everyone of course!
Is it possible to customize one of the games for a specific event?
Of course ! Your desires will be ours. Ask and we will try to give you satisfaction. Discover our worlds via the "Escape Mobile" section. Do not hesitate to contact us (
I decided at the last moment not to try the adventure. How do I cancel my reservation?
To cancel a reservation, you can contact us via our contact form or by telephone at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment. Your deposit for "Rooms" or the full amount for "I-Quest" will then be returned to you by bank transfer. If you decide to cancel within 24 hours before your appointment, you will however lose your deposit for "Rooms" or the entire amount for "Outdoor".
What is Escape I-Quest?
Escape I-Quest is an augmented reality game. Visit our "Escape Outdoor" section to find out more.
What is Escape Game Mobile?
Escape Games Mobile are games that move right outside your door (anywhere in Europe). Visit our "Escape Mobile" section to find out more.
How many people are on the teams?
For a better gaming experience, our rooms are blocked for 6 people (5 for the Room "The Avalanche").
What happens if I break something?
Any non-respected rule leading to the degradation of material present in the rooms or in the Escape Games Mobile will be subject to invoicing without conditions. For the Escape Outdoor a deposit check of 200€ is required upon receipt of the equipment, it will be cashed if we notice any malfunction on our devices.