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Val Cenis
La Plagne
Alpe d'Huez

3 game formats - 5 ski resorts

Are you interested in, the Escape Rooms? Mobile? or Outdoor?

What is an escape room?

Enter places with movie sets and try to solve a series of puzzles and manipulations so that the stories end well. Our rooms are all original creations!

What is an escape mobile?

Events / Companies / Seminars / Team Building… The Escape-Game is coming to you! Our games travel all over Europe and are 100% customizable. Soon at your place…

What is an outdoor escape?

Find out what you can’t see with your eyes! We use augmented reality on a digital tablet coupled with a “classic” escape game adventure to make the magic happen. You then navigate between 2 worlds, yours and the one imagined by our teams.

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