Terms of sales

The general conditions of sale are available at any time and brought to the attention of each client / player. Thus, reserving a part on the site www.escapegamesunited.com implies the reading and acceptance of the customer to these general conditions of sale.

Article 1 - The game

Escapegames-United is a concept of escape game in rooms or on digital tablets belonging to the company SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS . The general conditions of sale are applicable to the contracts for the provision of a game room, a mobile game or a rental of digital tablet concluded between the company SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS and the players.

SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS recognizes the right to modify or have modified all or part of the general conditions of sale, as well as the content of its website (https://www.escapegamesunited.com) at any time and without notice.

The general conditions of sale of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS are available on the WEBSITE and can be freely consulted on request from the reception staff of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS.

Article 2 - The party

The duration of occupation of the game room for a game is 60 (sixty) minutes, whether the players manage to solve all the puzzles or not. The maximum number of players for a game is limited to 6 people for The Fortress mission and 5 players for the Avalanche mission. The Escape Game Mobile can accommodate up to 8 people.

Likewise, the players accept that the game can stop before the end of the 60 minutes, if they manage to solve all the puzzles, without this being the subject of any adjustment or tariff compensation. No tariff compensation will be possible in the event of the game being stopped after half the game, 30 minutes.

Admission to one of the rooms is only possible on presentation of the booking confirmation email (sent shortly after payment for part) and on presentation of an identity document.
Underage players under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in the games.

In case of doubt about the age of a player, SARL ESCAPEGAME-VALCENIS reserves the right to request proof of identity.

Players are required to keep the room and all of its equipment (decoration and furnishings) in good condition and to use it in accordance with authorized use. As a result, players will recognize that any intentional damage or damage caused by unauthorized manipulation of the room and its equipment will be subject to charge-back. As for the I-Quest, if a deterioration is noted on one of the shelves, we allow ourselves to keep the quotations provided at the time of rental.

In addition, players are required to use the room and the equipment so as not to cause any damage to other players and to materials from SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS.
Throughout their presence on the premises of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS, players agree to behave in a respectable manner, to comply with the rules and to cooperate with the staff of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS. As such, he does not tolerate any form of violence, whether verbal or physical, towards his employees and therefore reserves the right to refuse access to any person whose behavior is similar to the elements mentioned above or take them out of the rooms before the end of the games explained above.

SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS reserves the right to refuse access to anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and this, for security reasons. In addition, the access ban does not give the right to any compensation or reimbursement.

The players have the obligation to deposit their personal effects and mainly their mobile phones in the places provided for this purpose, and this, before the start of the game. They can recover them once the game is over.
During the game, no recording device (image, video or sound) will be tolerated in the rooms. In addition, any use may result in the permanent cessation of the game without refund.

Article 3 - Prices

The prices charged by SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS are indicated on the website and are also present in the establishment. They are displayed in euros (€) including all taxes (TTC) and per person, for a game of sixty minutes. The price per person is fixed according to the number of participants within the same team.

The prices are as follows:

  • 40 € (forty euros) per person for a team of 2 players
  • 33 € (thirty-three euros) per person for a team of 3 players
  • 28 € (twenty-eight euros) per person for a team of 4 players
  • 25 € (twenty-five euros) per person for a team of 5 players
  • 23 € (twenty-three euros) per person for a team of 6 players


  • 80 € (eighty euros) equipment rental (backpack, i-pad, holopads, play materials, backup battery ...)


Personalized rates on request quote.

SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

Article 4 - Reservation

The use of a room is subject to the reservation which must be made through the website of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS: www.escapegamesunited.com or exceptionally by telephone on
The reservation is not firm and only after receipt of the reservation confirmation email sent to the person who made the reservation.

A direct debit will be made in the event of cancellation of the service by the customer within 24 hours preceding his reservation. SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS reserves the right to accept or not a request for modification of the date or time or the theme of the mission. Any postponement or change will be invoiced at € 25 including tax, regardless of the day and time of the reservation.

The reservation of a part cannot be resold for commercial purposes. This could lead to prosecution of the data subject.

In case of delay of the players, the game may be reduced proportionally to the delay time so that the room is vacated at the scheduled time see completely canceled if more than 20 minutes late.
If the number of players appearing on the day of the game is greater than the number of players initially planned when booking, the price difference must be settled before participating in the game.

Article 5 - The right of widhdrawal

In accordance with article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for leisure activity contracts which must be provided on a specific date or period. Consequently, no reservation can be canceled or refunded, except within the framework of a cancellation emanating from SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS.

For gift cards and in accordance with the provisions of article L.221-21 of the Consumer Code, in the event of distance selling, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of the gift card by the Purchaser, or failing that, the Beneficiary, without having to justify reasons, or pay penalties. The Purchaser, or failing this, the Beneficiary informs Escape Game Val Cenis of his decision to withdraw by sending him, before the expiry of the period provided for in article L. 221-21, a declaration by email to contact @ escapegames- valcenis.com, devoid of ambiguity, expressing its desire to retract.

In accordance with Ordinance No. 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015 and Application Decree No. 2015-1382 of October 30, 2015, any so-called consumer dispute or dispute, subject to Article L.152-2 of Consumer Code, can be the subject of an amicable settlement by mediation with the MTV.Travel - Tourism and Travel Mediation.

To submit your dispute to the mediator, you can choose:

  • Fill out the form on the MTV.Travel website at http://www.mtv.travel/index.php?page=saisine-du-mediateur
  • Send your request by simple or registered mail to MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage - BP 80 303 - 75 823 Paris Cedex 17

Article 6 - Personal data

The player is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered on the online reservation form on the website.

By clicking on the authorization box on the website, the player agrees to receive from SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS information and commercial offers on his email address or on his mobile phone.

The player who enters their telephone contact details on the SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS website accepts being contacted by SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS, by telephone or SMS.

The player entering the contact details of other players (names and surnames, telephone numbers, email addresses) authorizes SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS to send information and commercial offers to them.
SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS undertakes not to transmit the personal data of its players to a company outside the SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS group, except at the request of an authority authorized by law and within the framework of the legal provisions in force.

In accordance with articles L.223-1 et seq. Of the consumer code, if the Customer no longer wishes to be solicited by telephone on the number he had communicated to the Seller, he can register this telephone number at any time on the list of opposition to canvassing by Internet on the site www.bloctel.gouv.fr or by mail by writing to: Société Opposetel, Service Bloctel, 6 rue Nicolas Siret 10000 Troyes. This registration is free and valid for three years. However, the Seller may contact the Customer by telephone who expressly requests it, for a period freely set by the Customer or, failing this, within 3 months from the date of the Customer's request.

Article 7 - Security

The player undertakes to comply with all the security measures given to him, whether contractual, displayed on site or given orally by the staff of SARL ESCAPEGAMES-VALCENIS.

Each player undertakes to read and comply with the safety and fire protection instructions, as well as the emergency exits.

It is absolutely forbidden to bring objects considered dangerous into the premises. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to touch, handle, open any object bearing a label of prohibited meaning.

Article 8 - Competent courts

The general conditions are governed by French law and all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.