Murder Party

Escape Mobile : Murder Party

Come and take part in a thrilling investigation!

The principle:

In this investigation, there are no roles to play like in a classic Murder Party, but rather an escape game investigation revisited in the “Escape Games United” style.

Immerse your players into a thrilling investigation with a carefully reconstructed crime scene. Puzzles are created by real escape game creators. Use of all the latest technologies to take your players from surprise to surprise. Total immersion!

Playing time: 90 minutes

The context :

Thomas Capesco, 30 years old, a mechanic for the Crazy Old Car Club, is shot in the back of the head.

His body has just been found and the investigation is in full swing. The police discovered a mysterious safe in his home. We know that he tried to rob the casino to marry his girlfriend.

But who could have held such a grudge against him? It’s up to you to investigate and find out who the murderer among the 9 suspects targeted by the police!

Informations :

3 game formats are available:

With Game-Master : it’s up to you as the organiser to distil the clues for the players as they play ;

In total autonomy at your place of business : the clues and solutions are online, all the players have to do is pick up their investigator’s kit to solve the murder ;

At home : your players pick up the game and have to solve the enigma at home. They are provided with a set-up sheet so that the game can be played completely independently. The clues and solutions are online.


  • Mobile
  • Quick return on investment
  •  Can be played by up to 30 people simultaneously
  •  Ready to play concept
  •  Survey set-up in few minutes

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