La Tente

Escape Mobile : La Tente

Endlessly interchangeable scenarios!

The concept:

Mobile Escape-Games in short format (15/20 minutes) with scenarios you can change in the blink of an eye.

Easy to transport / quick to set up, this turnkey concept is ready to play!

Set out to conquer new markets, this “made in France” Escape-Game is featured with ultra-realistic settings.

Four scenarios are already available 👇

1- The museum: the heist of the century

Can you pull off the most daring robbery ever? Get into the International Fabulous Art Museum and steal the precious statue of Osiris. Act quickly and quietly before the guards return – time is running out!
Difficulty :

2- The quest for the grail: dive into History

Guided by Merlin, embark into a quest in the heart of an ancient castle. Find the precious Grail, and be worthy of this great medieval adventure!
Difficulty :

3- The saloon: is there a sheriff in town?

Immerse yourself into the oppressive atmosphere of the J&D Saloon, where a bloody murder has upset the peace and quiet of Riverside. Unmask the culprit before the sheriff commits the irreparable and condemns an innocent!
Difficulty :


Tailored scenarios available! Imagine your story and we’ll bring it to life!

Choice of 9m2 or 16m2 “Barnum” tents


  • Attractive price/quick return on investment
  • 5 to 10 times less expensive than a conventional escape room. 0 rent / 0 commercial space to pay for
  • Scenarios created by France’s #1 as mobile escape games creators.

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